International Multidisciplinary Scientific-Remote Online Conference on

Innovative Solutions and Advanced Experiments

19-20 June, 2020

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The task envisaged in the strategy of action on five priority directions of development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021 – to introduce the scientific research achievements into practice, the development of science fields, i.e. the activity of journals serving the recognition of International Science and society, the Regional Center for retraining and professional development of Samarkand regional public education staff, India’s “JournalNX – A Multidisciplinary Peer Reviewed Journal A Multidisciplinary Peer Reviewed Journal in directions: “International multidisciplinary scientific-remote online conference innovative solutions and advanced experiments  was announced.

International Conference accepts articles from the following sections:

1. History of General Pedagogy, Pedagogy and Education.

2. Theory and methods of education and training.

3. General psychology, personality psychology, psychology history.

4. Cognitive research in science and education.

5. Pedagogy and other areas of psychology.

6. Humanities.

7. Social sphere, economy and law.

8. Mathematics and natural sciences.

9. Teaching philology and languages.

10. Arts and Culture.

11. Industrial and technical disciplines.

12. Agriculture and Water Sciences.

13. Engineering and Allied Branches.

14. Management .

15 .Sciences.

The procedure for submission of theses for participation in the international conference:

– The thesis can be sent in one of the Russian and English languages ​​by 19-20 June, 2020

 Responsible: G. Fayzullaeva (9:00 to 18:00 deadline);

Send Your Papers to :

– Submitted abstracts are reviewed by the editorial board and reported only to the authors of the selected abstracts;

– A thesis submitted after the deadline, not compiled by the established procedure, does not correspond to the theme and directions of the conference will not be considered by the editorial board.

Professors, teachers, doctoral students, independent researchers, masters, gifted students, teachers and educators, and practitioners can submit theses to the collection.

Requirements for a thesis submitted to the international conference:

– The thesis should be presented with well-edited, practical suggestions and recommendations on current conference topics, scientific analysis and completed ideas;

– The text of the abstract should be in MS WORD text editor, Times New Roman font, size 14, size 1.5, no less than 3 pages;

– The texts of the abstract should be A4 size, 2 cm from the top and bottom, 3 cm from the left and 1.5 cm from the right;

– The title of the article is written in capital letters.

– Name and surname of the author (full);

– Degree and title and position;

– Active email, phone number – are displayed in 3 lines, respectively (upper right corner, italics, 11 font size, 1 interval). After 1 interval, the body text will be written in 1.5-line rows;

– No reviews required;

– Annotation, keywords;

– When storing the article, write the affiliate number and surname of the author (Example: 10.Khalilova.docx);

Payment for publication of the article will be sent to the Organizing Committee:

Journal Title: JournalNX- A Multidisciplinary Peer Reviewed Journal
                        ISSN No. (E):2581-4230

                        Published by Novateur Publication, India

The author is responsible for the authenticity of the theses presented in the Proceedings of the International Conference. The conference participants will be awarded certificates at the end of the event.

Contact phone number: +998901911191 (A. Ibragimov), +998979259791 (G. Fayzullaeva).

Address: 703030 Samarkand Ccity, 7 Hasan Obiddinov Street.